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Pest Control is quickly becoming more and more competitive, and our goal is to provide SEO services that provide you with consistent, high-quality leads for your business. With 7+ years of experience doing SEO companies, and experience working with 25+ of PCT’s Top 100 Pest Control Companies, Exterminate SEO is here to help!

Read on below to learn more about our owner Brett Ehlert, along with his history in SEO and his experience with pest control SEO.

Who AM I?

Brett Ehlert - Who Am I?

Brett Ehlert


Brett Ehlert began his SEO career when he was 13 years old by creating his own WordPress websites and discovering SEO as a mode of traffic generation. Since then he has created 100+ of his own websites as personal projects, exiting and selling numerous businesses in the process.

Starting his professional pest control SEO career as an SEO Analyst at Coalmarch by Workwave, Brett was immediately thrown into the world of pest control. Throughout his 7 year career at Coalmarch by Workwave, Brett progressed as an SEO Analyst to becoming the SEO Team Lead, where his role was to lead the SEO team and develop the overarching SEO strategy for all our pest control clients.

Since then, Brett has gained experience in doing SEO for various other industries including Lawn Care, HVAC, CBD, Sports, and More.

Why Exterminate SEO?:

Our goal here at Exterminate SEO is to provide a top of the line SEO service for growth focused Pest Control companies with a focus on honesty and performance. We focus on clients in the pest control industry because we have years of experience in the industry. We understand your business, we understand how to perform, and we understand what makes a good lead for your business.

We’ve competed in some of the most competitive pest control landscapes in the United States, and we focus on performance. Our approach is based on the 80/20 principle, and we aren’t going to focus on fluff that won’t move the needle for your business. We can transform your business.

Our Acquisition of The Pest Informer:

On Friday, January 5th, 2023, Exterminate SEO acquired The Pest Informer (ThePestInformer.com). The Pest Informer is a pest control blog focused on providing DIY pest treatments for homeowners, and values providing honest, and helpful tips to get a home pest-free!

Exterminate SEO reached an agreement with former owner David Floyd on the purchase of The Pest Informer, effective immediately.

The acquisition brings together ExterminateSEO.com’s extensive experience in digital marketing strategies for pest control businesses with ThePestInformer.com’s rich content and engaged audience. This synergy will provide an enhanced platform for both pest control businesses and homeowners seeking reliable and effective pest control solutions.

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